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The Best Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Ulster, Orange and Dutchess County

From Tivoli to NYC, Trinity Woodworking has been building custom kitchens for nearly three decades.

Everyone has a vision of what their DREAM kitchen is: Farmhouse sinks, tile backsplashes, marble countertops, and let’s not forget about the beloved islands. The combinations are endless, but the finished product and having a beautiful space to work in makes all the hard work totally worth it.

You can save a few bucks by shopping at the big box stores, but the quality of the work suffers. Let’s look at the actual cabinets as an example. Lowe’s makes their cabinets with .25 or 0.5 inch sides and backs, often out of particle board. When wet, particle boards swells and it’s integrity compromised. Because their cabinet parts are thin the strength just isn’t there. In a room where doors and drawers are being opened and closed so much, this is a situation where you don’t want flimsy cabinets. At Trinity, we build our kitchens out of .75 inch pre-finished maple PLYWOOD, not particle board. This is a strong material that is both beautiful and lasting. Other materials are available but this is our go-to.

The install. This is what separates the boys from the men (or girls from the women. Ladies build cabinets too!) Whether it’s the eight inch crown molding or the matching panels on your new Sub-Zero, kitchens don’t shy away from throwing you curveballs and challenges. Getting all the gaps and tolerances correct is the key to making the room high-end and comforting. This is what we pride ourselves on. We spend days and sometimes weeks on installations, making sure everything is secure and seamless.

Choosing your finish for your kitchen doors and drawer faces is a huge part of the kitchen itself. It will kickstart whatever look you are going for whether it be rustic, traditional, or modern. Do you like shaker doors (simple, modern), or do you prefer raised panel doors (traditional)? From that you can choose profiles, stains, paint colors and hardware that will all impact your design. A few years ago we built a desk for a man in Gramercy Park. When we arrived at his apartment for the install, we spotted on of the coolest kitchens ever. On the lower cabinets, he had shaker doors painted black with sand-throughs, meaning the black paint had been purposely sanded off in certain spots to create a distressed, aged look. For his upper cabinets, he took windows you’d find in a pre-war building, with many tiny panes that you crank open with a handle, and made them his cabinet doors. It looked AMAZING. It was so New York City. The point is that anything is doable, any vision achievable, and here at Trinity this is what we do best.

Whether it’s pendants over your island, a chandelier over your dining area, or under-cabinet LED’s to light your workspace, lighting is another key element in making your kitchen perfect. Check out Hudson Valley Lighting for some ideas. They have a brilliant design team and the hardware is very well made. Shop local!

Give us a call or text. We’d love to hear from you and get your project started.

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