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Custom Kitchens NYC


Are you thinking about re-doing you kitchen? If you’re dreaming of having a new custom kitchen in your life, the first thing you need to consider is how much time and money you have to invest in the project. If you have a lean budget and plenty of time to dedicate, you can go the DIY route. The other option is to hire a General Contractor (GC) to oversee the project and ensure that everything goes smoothly. A kitchen renovation is a big deal. There will likely be demolition to remove the old kitchen. The space has to be prepped with plumbing and electric to accommodate appliances and lighting. Walls have to be braced and finished. Homeowners, contractors, fabricators, and possibly designers must come together to create a room that is both beautiful and efficient to work in.


You will be doing yourself a HUGE favor by doing some research on kitchen layout and design. Look at magazines like Architectural Digest or House Beautiful as well as interior design blogs to get a feel for what you like. This will be helpful when communicating with contractors and builders throughout the entire process.


The layout of the kitchen largely revolves around the appliances. Stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, sinks, microwaves, warming ovens, and other appliances form the framework for a kitchen layout. Their positions within the space (and the cabinetry between them) must be intelligently arranged to suit the way you use your kitchen. If you use the oven frequently, consider a wall oven for it’s accessible height. Many people don’t want a microwave on their counter, so incorporating it into the cabinetry could be a better place for it. Read about the “Golden Triangle” of stove, sink, and refrigerator and the importance of their proximity to one another.

After you’ve read through customer reviews and consumer reports, identify the appliances you want. Take the time to do an honest inventory of what you do in your current kitchen and what items you often reach for as you cook. Look carefully at the storage in the kitchen you cook in now. Is there enough cabinet space? Do you need more? What would you change about it’s layout? Whatever you use most frequently, for instance pots and pans, spices, oils, knives and cutting boards, you will want to have easy access to. Make sure all your cabinetry is laid out so that your time in the kitchen is most efficient, and consequently most enjoyable.

Choose your design Do you want the look of your kitchen to be traditional or contemporary? If traditional, do you like Early American, Shaker, Victorian? If contemporary, are you going for a modernist look or something more transitional? View as much material from as many sources as you need in order to discover the looks you like. Check out our gallery to get more exciting ideas.


When considering what type of counter you should go with, weigh functionality, durability, cost, and beauty. Your kitchen counter will be a major visual and functional element in your kitchen. The options come down to stone, corian, wood, metal, laminate or concrete.


Options include marble and granite. If you go this route you are getting an extremely hard and durable countertop that will last a lifetime. Each slab is unique, and it can be fun and exciting to go to the yard and pick out your top. Stone countertops also seem to have a positive impact on the value of your home, as many people looking to buy homes appreciate and desire stone counters. The downside is that exposure to citrus or wine will stain it.


Corian is essentially a plastic composite that is made to feel and look like stone. It is seen here in bright white, but it is available in a wide variety of textures and colors. Similar to stone, one of the advantages is that it is repairable. It can be polished and refreshed to remove wear and tear.


Typically a butcher-block made out of maple, but walnut wood is becoming very popular. It is extremely beautiful, but it has some disadvantages. It needs to be well cared for, and it scratches if you cut on it as well as burns if you put something hot on it.


Countertops could be stainless steel, zinc, or copper depending on the look and functionality you want. Metal is highly durable, wears to a nice patina, and holds up to heat and cutting. It also lends a restaurant quality look to your kitchen.


Often referred to as Formica, laminate is a plastic sheet that is applied to wood to create countertops and cabinets. It comes in a variety of textures and colors. It’s durable and can withhold alcohol, citrus, and years of service. It is typically a cheaper option, cost and quality wise than other countertops.


Concrete is a trending building material. It is highly customizable in terms of color and thickness. You can also add things into the concrete mix like seashells, handprints, or anything else you can think of.


The install process should not be a time of questions and stress, but rather the efficient execution of a well thought out plan. This is why it pays to have knowledgeable, capable people in your corner from the beginning. At Trinity Woodworking we work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure that all these details are attended to and you are left with a beautiful, efficient kitchen that is a joy to be in!

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